My current work focuses on women and the stories that embody each individual. My intention is to celebrate the strength in women, how I personally connect with each individual, and how each woman has a unique story. The goal is to emulate and share their stories and strength. Additionally, it is important to me, to express in this series “She” the conceptual idea of immortalizing the “everyday women”.


My appreciation and love for photography directs the initial process of my work. I choose to paint or print my refernce photos rather than directing my process solely on creating photographs because while painting or printmaking, a connection develops between me and my subjects. Spending many hours with each piece, I am inspired by the opportunity to engage in another aspect of each relationship.


I photograph my subjects in my studio or on location. Utilizing light and minimal backdrop, the focus is only on the subject. Working directly from these photographs, the figure is initially sketched out onto birch wood panels. My painting and printmaking techniques are unconventional in traditional terms. I paint with watercolor directly onto the wood. No other preparation is done to the wood prior to painting, the watercolor is treated like a stain and applied in layers to create rich color and tone. My paintings are accompanied by a series of screenprints that are printed directly onto the wood.