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Creative Coaching 

As artists we have this innate need to create, to show the world through our eyes, our hearts, and our souls. I believe the art we create is a piece of who we are, the stories that move through us, our emotions, and our souls. Ultimately it can help us heal and transform from the inside out. 


Most often we hear the viewer being moved or transformed from a finished masterpiece, but I believe the greatest healing and transformation really happens to the artist through the actual process of creating. It is this energy evoked into the piece that moves the viewer to transform and heal themselves.


Creative coaching offers you the opportunity to be encouraged, loved, supported through your own process of creation and transformation. Through coaching you have the opportunity to tackle artistic goals, find your true authenticity as a creative, set intentions, and release stagnant energy to make room for more flow and connection to your art. All while being supported creatively, emotionally and spiritually.

Discover more about my family, my process, and me on my creative blog.

Creative Discovery Session:

The 90 minute Discovery Session is the perfect place to start where we work one on one with each other. We will begin our intensive with a short guided meditation and intention setting, then we will address personal creative goals, we will discuss tips and techniques to help get you moving towards unleashing your creative flow and diving deeper into your true authentic artistic power. We will save some time for a portfolio review, which will encompass a supportive, encouraging, and honest critique. 

What’s involved: One on One 90 minute session via zoom $250


Contact me to schedule your session

Creative Alchemist Series:

These intensives are personally curated with your creative goals in mind. I will help you discover and set an intention for your own creative practice, going deeper into discovering the tools, practices, and rituals that help you achieve and uncover who you are through your art. All this  while learning to create and cultivate the space needed to be at your artistic best and achieving your creative goals. 


These sessions will include one on one coaching, creative process sessions, and guided meditations.


What's involved: This session expands over a 3 month period, where we will meet 3x per month. 60 minutes each session.

Contact me here to schedule your session

Hands on Painting Sessions:

Paint in the studio with me, 3 hour (half day) sessions or 6 hour (full day) sessions 


Each paint session will start with a guided meditation and intention setting. As we begin to paint together in our own unique styles, you will gain insight into my own painting process, see and experience the tools and techniques I use. You will have the opportunity to learn color blocking, layering and mixing through the “unconventional” watercolor practices I love to utilize. We can discuss how to create an efficient and soulful workspace set up that feels good to you, pro-tips, and techniques that will help you expand your own personal art practice. 


This session is catered to you and your goals. I encourage you to come with questions, an open mind and heart to learn and expand. Giving the soulful artist in me the opportunity to support the soulful artist in you. 


What's involved: Bring your own materials, you will have use of an easel, tray, and studio space. You can schedule either a half day session or a full day session. Paint sessions will be held in my private studio refreshments, snacks or lunch will be provided. Half day sessions are 3 hours: $500. Full day sessions 6 hours: $1000. 


If you are traveling in, please connect with me here (Link) as I can offer lovely airbnb suggestions, nature opportunities, art events, and other fun local activities to make this the perfect artists retreat.


Contact me here to schedule your session. 

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