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Arts in Health!

Arts in Health Ocala Metro

As most of you know I have activally included art as a mode of healing utilizing painting and tattooing as the tool and the process of the creation as the "medicine". Art has been there for me as I grieved my brothers death, battled waves of depression and anxiety, self discovery, and even most recent comfort during my hospital stays last year. I feel extremely honored to have the opportunity to share this gift along with so many AMAZING artists in our community by becoming an art practitioner for AIHOM- Artis in Health Ocala Metro. Have you met AIHOM yet? If not, take the time to see what the buzz is all about at AIHOM is a non profit organization connecting arts and healing.

When we connect with the arts whether its through painting, music, dance, literary...we are connecting with our inner most being, tapping into the power of process art and of course when we do it together-human connection! The "finished piece" is never the actual dose of medication that provides the healing (whether spiritual, physical, or mental) rather the process of doing the creating itself that provides an opportunity for positive healing outcomes!

I have spent the past couple months training, and will spend the next couple weeks finishing up my mentorship as an art practitioner for AIHOM. I will work with members of our community providing hands on opportunities to create art. I am very excited for this opportunity to share what has ultimately been the best medicine I have ever truly experienced in my life!

If this organization tugs on your heart and resonates with you, please consider a donation during #giveformarion Your thoughtful donation will give the opportunity for so many to experience the connection between arts and health!

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