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Check out my new little private studio!!!!

I have moved to a quaint private studio off of Silver Springs blvd. in Ocala!

I love this little space, it provides me the privacy and calm environment that I aim to provide to all of you! As well as the opportunity to create a space conducive for healing, physically, mentally, and spiritually!

Through the crazy ups and downs over the past year, one thing I know for sure is creating a space that brings joy to ones self is essential. I am so grateful to have found a space where I could have a sanctuary and feel like I am working in an extension of my home! I hope that you all will feel at home in this cozy little space!


If you would like to book a tattoo session with me, please check out my easy booking link here!

I have opened my schedule to more tiny tattoos and predrawn designs!

If you have a question before scheduling email me:

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Dan Mercuri
Dan Mercuri
2023년 9월 18일

Just got your email how are you feeling good I hope we're doing fine loving being grandparents and great grandparents!

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