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I am often asked a slew of questions by first timers, usually they are the same questions that stem from what the process looks like to post tattoo day healing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding on the artist, facing the unknowns before your first tattoo, and jumping in to make the lifetime commitment of a forever art piece on your body!

I think the first thing to address in this post is finding the right artist. What is amazing about the tattoo industry today is that it is no longer about the artist who can do all styles and who is the most versitile (although I do admire those artists very much). Today we are blessed with so many talented artists where you can find a style that is unique to the artist and speaks to your soul! For anyone searching for inspiration on their next tattoo or for their first tattoo, I suggest putting the time in on your artist search. You can start by asking around,

word of mouth is always a great place to start, BUT of course the obvious is Social Media, Instagram being one of the great places to begin.

Todays social media platforms are saturated with beautiful works by all types of tattooers in all locations. Take your time, there is no rush...this is the most important part of the tattoo process. Look at their work, take the time to get a sense of who they are from their profile on Instagram or through their website. Once you do this, the next step would be reaching out and scheduling either an in person consultation or via zoom/facetime. One thing to remember when connecting with these artists, most of them are working many hours and manage their own business.

Be patient, if they have suggested ways to reach out (email only, or DM) follow that. This will ensure the quickest response.

You might be asking why the consult? I personally love in person consults or facetime consults for first timers. Most of the clients looking for their first tattoo have a huge list of questions (many of these potential clients email me). OF COURSE I WANT to answer each an everyone of those questions to ease the mind of the client and to ensure they feel safe and comfortable for the first tattoo experience. However it takes a lot to try and convey that message in an email. From personal experience one question leads to another question as well!!!! IF you are one of those people who have a lot of questions, start by seeing if your artist has a FAQ page on their website. I know I have a lot of information on mine where you can find answers to MOST of the frequently asked questions. From there, I suggest that you schedule that consult!

Even if you are like me, a super introvert and don't always want to talk to people, LOL!!!!!! To obtain the best tattoo experience with the artist that fits YOU the best.... SCHEDULE THAT CONSULT!!!!!

Contrary to popular generalization about tattooers, most of them care deeply about their clients and their art. Most tattooers take a lot of pride in their work and want to be sure they give you the best experience possible!!!!

For more tattoo tips for first timers or second timers too... I will be here adding to this BLOG!!!! xxoo Naomi Shanti

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