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Pricing & Policies

To Book a consultation or tattoo appointment with Naomi please click here: Tattoo Books Currently Closed

Naomi's rates for tattoos are as follows NOTE NEW PRICES, STARTING MAY 1

  • $185 non-refundable deposit that is due at the time of scheduling for half-day appointment (goes toward the cost of tattoo)

  • $370 non-refundable deposit that is due at the time of scheduling for full-day appointment (goes toward the cost of tattoo)

  • $555 half-day flat rate (three hours or under)

  • $1110 full-day flat rate (three to six hours)

  • Monthly payment plans are available 

  • First responders receive 10% off.

  • Cash payments receive 3% off total price of tattoo

Naomi's rates for  GUEST SPOT and CONVENTIONS are as follows (Starting May 1)

  • $250 non-refundable deposit that is due at the time of scheduling 

  • $400 minimum

  • $600 half-day flat rate (three hours)

  • $1200 full-day flat rate (six hours)


 Priority is given to birds, predrawn designs and intuitive realism sessions. Artwork will be discussed and agreed upon through the form submitted and through email. Sleeves, coverups, and reworks are subject to requiring a virtual or inperson consultation. Tattoos are not drawn before a tattoo is schedule. Artwork is complete and ready on the day of your appointment! The time needed to complete your tattoo and your full rate will be given at this time and agreed upon via email. Your tattoo appointment will then also be scheduled and a NON REFUNDABLE deposit will be taken to reserve this time for you. The NON REFUNDABLE deposit will go towards the cost of your tattoo.


Your total rate for the half or full day appointments must be paid prior or at the arrival of your appointment before Naomi begins the tattoo. No refunds will be given, even if you decided to end your session early. This is out of respect for the time that the artist and studio reserved specifically for you. Clients with work-in-progress tattoos will not need to schedule a consult or submit a new form, but will still be required to pay a deposit for each tattoo session time. If you have a large piece, we recommend setting up a regular appointment on a scheduled timeline so that you may reserve the time/days you prefer and complete your piece in a suitable time frame. 


We know that life does happens, however all cancelllations and no shows will forfeit your deposits. In the event you need to reschedule, you will be required to pay a new deposit to reserve that date, which will go towards your tattoo total. If this is not your first reschedule, you will forfeit all previous deposits and will be required to pay a new deposit.

Naomi Shanti does not offer cover-up services. She only tattoos original artwork and specializes in BLACK AND GREY. Priority is given to larger pieces, her intuitive realism style, and her BIRDS, which you can find out more about here. Naomi also offer 10% for all first responders and 5% off of cash payments.

If you have any questions, please email

Studio address: 24 NE 12th Terrace, Ocala, FL (Shimmer Salon Suites)

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