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My Philosophy

I believe the process of creating is far more important than the actual final destination. It is during the process that as the one creating, I find myself, my  story, my healing, and the true intention behind the creation. 


I believe through failures, stumbling, problem solving, and successes, we have the opportunity to learn far more than we could ever dream.

BF4I5403 copy.jpg

As a professional artist I am maintaining a private tattoo and art studio in north central Florida. It is in this studio that I do most of my tattooing and large scale paintings. Though the tattoo and paintings may look quite different, they find companionship in the soft hand and gentle spirit of creation. I find myself using soft edges, realistic strokes, and intuitive energy to create in both media.

 Working in my intuitive realism style, allows me to marry the essence of what is real with the energy of what is felt.

Painting and Tattoo Practice

Tattoo Books Closed
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