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AKA:  Bird Lady

My Philosophy

I believe the process of creating is far more important than the actual final destination. It is during the process that as the one creating, I find myself, my  story, my healing, and the true intention behind the creation. 


I believe through failures, stumbling, problem solving, and successes, we have the opportunity to learn far more than we could ever dream.

Creative Coaching 


As artists we have this innate need to create, to show the world through our eyes, our hearts, and our souls. I believe the art we create is a piece of who we are, the stories that move through us, our emotions, and our souls. Ultimately it can help us heal and transform from the inside out. 


Most often we hear the viewer being moved or transformed from a finished masterpiece, but I believe the greatest healing and transformation really happens to the artist through the actual process of creating. It is this energy evoked into the piece that moves the viewer to transform and heal themselves.


Creative coaching offers you the opportunity to be encouraged, loved, supported through your own process of creation and transformation. Through coaching you have the opportunity to tackle artistic goals, find your true authenticity as a creative, set intentions, and release stagnant energy to make room for more flow and connection to your art. All while being supported creatively, emotionally and spiritually.

Intuitive Commission

Intuitive commissions use your energy as a guide to the creation on skin or on the wood canvas. The paintings and tattoos are a personal spiritual connection created as a visible reminder, reflection, a part of your healing, and/or a deep connection to yourself. An intuitive commissioned tattoo or painting begins with a one on one consultation that will be used as inspiration and a guide for the artwork.


Painting and Tattoo Practice

As a professional artist I am maintaining a private tattoo and art studio in north central Florida. It is in this studio that I do most of my tattooing and large scale paintings. Though the tattoo and paintings may look quite different, they find companionship in the soft hand and gentle spirit of creation. I find myself using soft edges, realistic strokes, and intuitive energy to create in both media.

 Working in my intuitive realism style, allows me to marry the essence of what is real with the energy of what is felt.

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