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Fine Art Creative Practice

The action of creating is soul-filled. Which from my experience includes personal healing and intuitive connection with what I am painting. I choose to create on wood as it connects me to the earth, where I find peace and grounding. The wood offers movement, textures, and a uniqueness to each piece that I can not find from a standard canvas.


I make space, in time, as well as in the studio or outdoors in nature. Choosing which makes me feel more in soul alignment with what I am creating at that time. I research the birds, their habitats and behaviors, plants, and the people I am painting. Each element having specific meaning and connection whether it be to me, their relationship to each other, or the message that is flowing through me into the art piece. I believe that while working intuitively with loose planning, I am able to adjust freely as the visual message, the power, and the heart of each piece visually unfolds. I work primarily in watercolor, treating the paint like a stain on the wood. Then layering with acrylics and colored pencils. The transparent nature of each media allows the grain of the wood to work in partnership.


I always remain open to what the wood canvas is calling and what is being spoken to my heart. This is where I find the creative energy at its fullest.

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