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About the Project: I was talking with my friend Carmen Rojas. We were discussing art, tattoos and a current series of sculptures she has in the works. We reminisced about the tattoo I did on her daughter, which was of one of her sculptures. 

This conversation led to the grand idea to collaborate together. Expanding on her "She Warrior" series of sculptures, by creating a series of tattoos to accompany them.

The goal of this project will be to open up conversation about being a women, the perseverence, resiliency, and determination they possess. Immortalizing the stories, through art in metal and on skin, whether you are the warrior yourself or you feel deeply connected to a She Warrior, we can all relate to these people and their stories in one way or the other. 


To be tattooed one must persevere and be resilient through the process. This is a direct representation of so many women I know, the obstacles they have scaled, and my own personal life experience. It is my hope to highlight these attributes, and honor the resilience and perseverence one must have to rise above. 

If you are interested in participating in this project, I am seeking 10 models of differing ages and gender. You must meet the requirements, fill out an application, and be willing to open your heart to becoming a part of the She Warrior Project!

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